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A lot of people would argue that it really doesn't look that impressive and the controls are a little bit lacking, but the level design is just stellar. It's quite a unique game and a lot of fun to play. The Thing - Apocalyptic sci-fi action/adventure shooter. It's a very nice game and fun to play with a good story and decent visuals. It's got a different tone than most games in the genre, with a sort of non-linear approach and some witty humor thrown in for good measure. Shadowgate - A point-and-click adventure game with a bit of platforming thrown in. It's got a pretty interesting narrative, good characters and a solid story. The writing is a little on the cheesy side, but there is some solid dialogue in there. Death To Spiders - A retro vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up with a variety of enemies and a decent story. It's got some good chiptunes and a really fun gameplay, especially with the multiple power-ups and bombs you can collect. NooYawk NoodleSalad - A platformer with a variety of characters, levels and gameplay styles. It's pretty original and well-crafted and has a simple, yet really fun gameplay. The Mummy Returns - A side-scrolling action/adventure platformer. It has some really innovative level design with a very fun gameplay, with some really fun boss fights and a solid soundtrack. Gears Of War - An action/RPG with a great story and a lot of fun gameplay. It's very good in the area of character development and gameplay, but the AI is a little bit lacking and the story is kind of confusing and poorly structured. Hue - A 2D puzzle platformer with some light RPG elements. It has a good story and a really fun gameplay. I really enjoyed it and I felt that the ending could have been a little bit better. Why is Mass Effect 2 not on here? It's pretty awesome and has tons of elements that fit into the classic RPG/Adventure genre. And it's fun to play! The story is really well written and it's one of the best sci-fi RPGs I've played. Death To Sp



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Spark The Electric Jester Crackl waihar

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